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about the artist

This exhibition has been created by West Cork designer, Jenny Dempsey. The idea emerged from a research project undertaken for Nano Nagle Place.


Nano Nagle was 18th century Cork woman who used her personal wealth to educate Catholic poor. Her story could be termed a tale of riches to rags. Interested in the mundane details of the life that Nano chose to abandon, Jenny collected information from books, letters, diaries, and newspaper advertisements.


Jenny discovered that women in the past were engaged with the same activities that engage women today: falling in love, feeding family, following fashion and finding self-fulfilment. Discovering how and why the routines and paraphernalia around these activities have altered is fascinating. It is the story of female emancipation. Jenny is now working on a series of How-to-Guides which curate and narrate curious facts to tell this story. There are currently two Guides available - a guide to the late eighteenth century and a guide life in Regency times. Both guides are available from Pretty Interesting History .

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