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further fun to finish

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a delicate matter

The rest of your evening will be devoted to conversation and card playing. Before these enjoyments commence, your guests - and you - will most likely need to ‘make water’. The gentlemen may have already made use of the chamber pots in the dining room. in fact, they may have done so during the meal. Ladies are generally more discreet. If there are a number of ladies wishing to avail of the contained water closet, you may proffer a bourdaloue - that most excellent of receptacles whose hand-held facility enables relief with speed and minimum of fuss.

Antique Chair

an indelicate occurrence

As the hostess, it is up to you to signal to the other ladies when it is time to leave the Dining Room. Catch first the attention of your most senior female guest, and with a subtle nod or a smile, rise to your feet. The other female diners will be watching for your signal and will follow suit. You will all proceed as one to the Drawing room where you will partake of tea or coffee. The. gentlemen will remain in the Dining Room partaking of port and will join you for coffee anon. A cautionary tale may be found here

conversational delicacies

A good hostess can converse on a variety of topics. If you find yourself at a loss, we offer the following useful snippets, the employment of which may see you from discussions at the dinner table through to tête à têtes over coffee. Simply click on the image below

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the delicate art of playing cards

Cards are played at every gathering. If you have the space, be sure to set aside a room specifically. If this is not possible, a number of card tables set up in the drawing room will suffice. Needless to say, cheating is abominable in the extreme and no true lady would stoop to such depths. However, so as to guard your person from such infamy’s effects, we include the following information for educational purposes. 

a delicate stomach

If, the following morning you feel unwell, do not despair. As a lady would never ‘over-indulge’, any morning delicacy will be caused by factors such as bile in the blood or bowel issues.

There are various remedies from which to choose. 

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