Purging - Mix together mint, balm, black cherry, cinnamon water, liquid laudanum and syrup of bitter orange skins. Drink.

Cordial - A cordial, made  of corn poppies steeped in brandy, with added mace, cloves, nutmeg, balm, angelica, cardus and sugar is a restorative for the stomach

Houghton's Drops An efficacious remedy available from your apothecary made from roots of gentian and bitter orange rind infused in brandy. 

Remedies for disorders in the Stomach

Black and White Flower

Pediluvium - Bathing the feet, will cause the circulation in the veins to accelerate, thus alleviating the headache. To accomplish this effect, the water needs to be hot enough to redden the skin.

Blistering - Abrasive ointments rubbed on the scalp or behind the ears to create blisters will bring the blood to the surface and lessen irritation within the head. 

Blood letting - Opening the arteries behind the ears. will lessen the amount of blood flowing to the brain. You may also create an incision at the arms or near the temples with a bowl beneath to catch the blood

Certain Remedies for Aches in the Head

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Illustrated Mint
Illustrated Rosemary