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prandial proceedings


Make up

You will start your toilet a few hours before your guests arrive. Your lady's maid will assist you: lacing your gown, dressing your hair and painting your face. A step-by-step guide may be found here


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You will most likely have your tried and tested dishes with which your cook is familiar. For those newly-appointed mistresses of their own household, or those who simply wish to try something new, you may consult The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy, by  the publishing sensation, Hannah Glasse. Some of her celebrated recipes may be found by clicking on the image below

a simple  (18th century) evening supper.


Irish people like sugar. Some years back in this country, we spent £30,000 on this sweet delight - more than we spent on coal! Luckily for us, Cork is the major supplier of provisions to the West Indies and in return for our salted butter, pork and beef, they provide us with Muscovado sugar. There are a number of refineries in the city which will transform this raw import into an accessible sugar loaf. However, a word of probity, those of us who subscribe to the Abolitionist Movement have major concerns - there is no doubt that the production of this delightful commodity is based upon disturbing foundations. For those who have noticed that sugar consumption is detrimental to teeth we offer a choice of solutions here.



Drunkenness at the table is no longer an obligation. These days, every person may drink just as little as they please, in fact hard drinking is now very rare among the better families - a middling drinker should be able to carry off four bottles without being in the least conspicuously disordered.


Wine glasses will not be set on the table, but brought to each diner on a salver by a footman. As the glass is drained it will be returned to the sideboard, rinsed with water and refilled. In general, ladies will not give way to an excess of alcohol, although this method of drinking may make it difficult to monitor one’s intake. If you find you do succumb, the relative darkness of the room may sufficient to hide your shame. 


Once the meal has concluded, the ladies will withdraw.

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