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pre-party preparations

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The main reason for inviting guests to your home will be to demonstrate your magnificence and taste. Set the tone with your invitations. The best paper may be procured from William Flyn at The Sign of Shakespeare on Castle Street in the city. Choose a good goose-feather quill (for those of you who are left-handed, a feather from the right wing will feel more comfortable). Suitable persons to invite may be found here

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You will need a new gown - preferably one of silk where the sheen will catch and reflect the candlelight at your party. Silk available in Cork comes from the Liberties in Dublin, Spitalfields in London or Lyons in France. We  look to France for information on the latest fashions. The Ladies Magazine and Magazin a la Mode can be purchased from Mrs Mary Edwards on Castle Street, Cork. These magazines contain the latest fashions from Paris and will only be a couple of weeks out of date. Once you have found a design you favour, you may charge your local Mantua-Maker with its production. You will need about 10 - 15 ells of fabric for a gown.  Fabric favoured by the French Queen may be found here


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Do not forget to examine your visage closely for those impairments that will mar even the fairest of women. Now is the time to prepare and apply efficacious home remedies to remove blemishes, freckles or wrinkles and restore lustre to your skin. Remedies may be found by clicking on the letters below.

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Your home will also be on display. The items a lady choses to fill her home are indicative of the type of person she is. These days, with the profusion of goods available for purchase, how do you know if you are making the right type of purchases? This is where your sense of taste becomes all important. Please click on the magazine below to see the latest must-have home goods available in Cork.

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Where possible, choose a night when you know it to be a full moon for your evening's entertainment. The nocturnal luminescence will assist your guests with safety of travel. You will be pleased to hear that the highway robber, known by name of Thunder, who has been the terror of this county for some time past, will not hinder their journey. He was recently shot at a place within two miles of Mallow, his body then brought to the city for public example. Once you have concluded your preparations you may move on to your duties as a hostess

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